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Traditionally there are many materials that can be used for the construction of memorials.

In recent years, with new trade routes opened, there has been a greater use of granites in the manufacture of memorials.

Prior to this, the only materials available were British limestone, sandstone, Cornish and Scottish granite and Italian white marble.

Of these, the limestone, sandstone and marble are porous and do require regular cleaning to maintain their appearance and to give clarity to the inscriptions. We can restore these memorials to a “like new” condition. We visit the memorial and give you a full report on the work required to bring to a good order and the cost.

Stone Types:

We offer a wide selection of stone types in a variety of finishes, from best quality Italian white marble, limestones, sandstones and British slate through to coloured granites.

Our granite can be supplied in a highly reflective finish or with a matt finish. Each finish is equally durable to ensure that the memorial can be easily maintained and will maintain its colour and appearance.

Limestones and Sandstone are a good choice of material for old English Churchyards where it is more desirable to have a memorial that blends in with the character of the centuries old building and the surrounding memorials.

Welsh slate is a grey/black colour and as a material, is most suited to simple shapes and designs to create elegant individual memorials, stunning in their simplicity.

Cumberland slate is a green/grey colour sometimes with vein markings. This is perfect for people who love natural beauty and the countryside.

White Italian marble of monumental quality often has some grey vein markings. It has a beautiful fresh, light appearance that appeals to many. It does however require regular cleaning especially in areas of high pollution.