World War Memorial Renovations


It is an honour that we at Creative Memorials have been entrusted with both the creation of new war memorials and the restoration and cleaning of existing ones.

What service do you provide?

Using the time-honed skills of our craftsman, we can create fitting living tributes to those important people who fought and died for our country. We also provide important renovations for war memorials that have deteriorated because of time and weather.  From expert stone cleaning to re-gilding, every step and care is taken to ensure every war memorial we work on is restored to glory.

Please contact us and we will happily provide details of war memorials and commemorative plaques that we have created or restored.

Furthermore, we can provide details of the local authorities for which we have completed such work, with references that credit our workmanship and expertise.

Contact us today or come and see us in our showroom