Bronze figures

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Creative Memorials pride ourselves on providing every finishing touch to create perfect memorials for those you love. This included providing a variety of different exquisite bronze figures and Kosmolux statues for you to choose from.

Why choose a bronze figure or Kosmolux statue for your memorial?

  • Bronze is an extremely durable material, and has been a popular choice for memorials for centuries. This is no wonder, as it is capable of being designed into some of the most beautiful pieces of art.
  • Bronze is also water resistant, impervious to corrosion and does not degenerate over time. It truly is the perfect material to create a memorial that is everlasting.
  • Kosmolux statues are made of reconstituted marble, meaning they are also strong, durable and aesthetically, very beautiful.

From figures to statues, we can help and guide you make a selection that is appropriate for yourself, but also adheres to cemetery regulations.

What range do you offer?

We have a wide selection of Italian bronze figures and Kosmolux statues for you to chose from, each a masterpiece that will honour and reflect your loved one.

Please come and see them for yourself in our showroom and take a look at our catalogue, from which you can order anything from our extensive range. 

Contact us today or come and see us in our showroom