Memorial Lamps

Why chose a lamp for a memorial?

Remembering a loved one through the medium of light is a touching way to honour those you cherish.

What designs do you offer?

We can help you choose an appropriate and unique memorial lamp as an adornment for your memorial.  Below you can see what designs we offer you but you can also see our full catalogue and come and see them for yourself in our workshop. Our team will be happy to assist you and tell you more about our range of memorial lamps.

Will they be allowed at my cemetery, churchyard or garden of remembrance?

As with most memorials there will be restrictions, so we encourage you to check first. We can help you with this and assist you in choosing an appropriate lamp for your memorial and its location.

As always, if you have any queries or questions, always feel free to contact us.

Contact us today or come and see us in our showroom