Commemorative Plaques

Commemorative Plaques

Stone commemorative plaques are a beautiful way to honour a person or occasion that is both dignified and special.

For what events can you make a plaque?

From larger, grand and celebratory plaques that honour the opening of an institution or building, to smaller memorial plaques, which are subtle and respectful, Creative Memorials can create a hand-crafted and individual piece that suits your requirements.

Other occasions, milestones or events for which you might consider a plaque:
Pet memorial
• Marriage
• Birth
• Retirement
• Graduation
• Sports achievement.

Plaques are versatile and admirable way to honour such events, that can be placed on buildings, in gardens, places of personal importance and cemeteries.

How are the plaques made?

• Firstly, we will show you our fantastic range of exquisite stones and aid you in choosing a material that is suitable. For example, our team can suggest a stone that reflects the architecture and design of the building, ensuring your plaque fits seamlessly into its environment.
• We will ask you what inscription you would like and present to you our range of lettering options. We will then tailor your plaque to your requirements by blending our range of traditional hand-crafting techniques and modern technology.

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