Cremation headstones, Plaques and Wedges

Why choose a cremation headstone, plaque or wedge?

If you require a memorial in a cremation plot that is restrictive in terms or size or shape, then cremation headstones, plaques or wedges can be the perfect solution. This is because, quite often, church regulations do not allow full-size memorials for cremations, and there are often regulations as to size and material. However, this isn’t a problem. Our friendly craftsman will be able to guide you through your options and find a choice that suits both the rules and what you require personally.

What designs do you offer?

Below you can see the range of cremation headstone designs open to you. Our friendly team can guide and advise you, and also help you ensure your headstone fits with regulations, including size and colour. This is because each churchyard and cemetery have their own regulations as regards to what size and material you can have.

But don’t worry, as we accommodate all styles, sizes and materials, and as always, each of the designs you see can then be crafted to create a perfect homage to those you cherish; from decoration to inscription.

How long will it take from order to delivery?

Subject to approval from your local authority or church, we always endeavour to get you your memorial as quickly as possible.

Please note:

    • while we have a number of memorials in stock, the majority are made to order
    • the average time from order to erection is 3-4 months
    • by the time the stone is delivered to us we will then have all the necessary approval, permission and design complete.

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